Vanquish (2021-04-16)

Acción | Crimen | Suspense |

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  • Estado: Released
  • Duración: 96m
  • Popularidad: 4418.897
  • Idioma: en
  • Presupuesto: $0
  • Ganancias: $0
  • Puntuación: 6.5
  • Votos: 75

  • JPV852

    I actually like Ruby Rose, not a great actress for sure but can be entertaining but she seemed to have quickly devolved into direct-to-video territory with this and her previous film, The Doorman, neither would've gotten a theatrical release even without COVID-19. Anyway, this one could've been passably entertaining if not for the terrible editing, atrocious photography (not sure what was with the green tint or over-saturation of colors in other scenes. Also doesn't help it was predictable. Oh, and Morgan Freeman takes another paycheck, this one spending his entire time in a wheelchair and pretty much in one location. **2.0/5**